When we enter a hotel room the space is generally comfortable. All traces of the previous occupants have been removed, yielding a safe clean space that we occupy for a brief time. However, if we were to pull back the bed sheets to find a cigarette burn remaining there, our consciousness would immediately be flooded with the fact that we are actually sharing this space with countless others before us and after. Who was the person who left that mark there? Where they fat or thin, ill or well? It is this evidence that I am curious about. A little mark, an object, a bit of detritus, that forms a greater, yet more ambiguous, narrative. Some of these images are set-up while others are stumbled upon. I am attempting to create images of objects or situations that are distilled to their simplest form. Hopefully, by removing the larger context of these scenes I allow the viewer to create a narrative context based on the personal psychology that they bring to these images.